Project Amounee is an eCommerce brand which sells hand-made products in India, USA, UK, Singapore and Australia.

In the month of Feb 2020, they were having a return on ad spent (ROAS) for their online promotions at 2.33. (For every dollar spent in advertising, the website sold products worth 2.33 dollars, on average.)
Their main objective was to improve this ROAS so that the profitability can be increased.

After working with WebKow, their ROAS went up to 10.13 in March, 23.9 in April and May, 21.33 in June, and 29 in July. The ROAS crossed 40 in August…during a time when other businesses were struggling due to the pandemic. In the same period, they have also more than doubled their daily spending on ads.

This turnaround was achieved by a combined effect of better targeting (showing the right product to the right audience), improved campaign optimization, using algorithm-based targeting and retargeting campaigns, improved graphics and copywriting, and an overall ad management system that minimizes cost per conversion.