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Practical Steps toward Lead Generation with Google Ads

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About the speaker

Neeraj Ramnani is the founder of and

He has worked with brands like The Adani group, Zee TV, Arvind Fashion,  Arvind Envisol and Kaigo, ATIRA, JMitra & Co, I Design My Life, Aimlay, Solar Plexus Consulting, Veye, dgMarket, etc. for their result-oriented web development and  digital marketing campaigns.

He is the creator of the “Internet Marketing Ace” certification course. He also teaches digital marketing at leading business  schools in Gujarat.

He has done his MBA from IIM Indore and B.Tech from NIT Surat.

5 (Easy) Tips To Run Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

A Free 90 Minute Webinar by Neeraj Ramnani

Neeraj Ramnani

Founder, WebKow & Growth Foundation

Creator, I M ACE

Alumnus, IIM Indore

Digital Marketer who has worked with 100+ Brands

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