KGR technique in SEO

The Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) technique is an information-based approach to discover keywords that are actually underserved or unattended on the Internet.

If you’re lucky to locate a KGR keyword and write content that is focused on the keyword, your article could usually rank in the top 50 in 2-3 days, sometimes you can rank it in hours. In the event that your site has a good page authority and isn’t new, you can rank in the top 15 links of the search results on search engines like Google.

Why use KGR Technique in SEO

Getting the best keywords and getting your business to rank well for those can be very challenging.

You either have a powerful website so you can focus on high SEO difficulty keywords, or you have simply begun, and you have to start growing on your site’s quality score. In the latter case, using longtail keywords having less competition would be a good technique.

Fortunately, there is an incredible method to locate the low-competition list of keywords– the highly searched but under-used words that will assist you in positioning high in search results in a matter of moments, prompting more clicks and improving the SEO quality of your site.

Utilizing the Keyword Golden Ratio technique, you can do exactly that.

What is keyword golden ratio

Keyword Golden Ratio is the strategy for finding low volume keywords that actually have a low difficulty to rank on the first page. The keywords that are filtered utilizing KGR are simple to rank since fewer other websites are going after that specific keyword. This way, the website pages that are made by focusing on the KGR keywords are competent for positioning the pages on top when it is recorded by Google.

It is an equation-based procedure that helps site proprietors discover the keywords they might be missing out on. This can assist them with positioning on the main page of Google rapidly. You can also find queried search terms that can help drive business your way.

How to find KGR keywords

To find KGR keywords- first, locate your country for the targeting keywords. After that, find the search volume of the keyword which you can find with most keyword analytics websites. Some of the websites we recommend are Ubersuggest, Searchvolume.io and ahrefs. After getting the search volume, find the number of pages that are trying to rank for the exact keyword by searching the keyword using “allintitle:search term” in the search bar.

How to find allintitle for KGR

After getting both the search volume and allintitle volume, apply these numbers in the KGR formula to find the difficulty ratio to rank.

KGR formula

The formula is simple – divide the second result by the first result.

KGR Formula: KGR = (# of allintitle results)/(search volume)

KGR technique
  • If KGR is less than 0.25: You should rank in the top 100 easily once your page is indexed by Google.
  • If KGR is between .25 and 1: You could still rank in the top 250 pretty quickly.
  • If KGR is greater than 1: You know it’s a very competitive term even if the search volume is low. You should avoid targeting such keywords.

Does the KGR technique work

Absolutely. More and more SEO experts are recommending the KGR technique, and we have tried it with our clients and our own blogs and it works amazingly well. It’s a shortcut to free traffic!

How to much time does it take to rank a keyword using the KGR technique?

The short answer is- much less than you might think. KGR technique can help you rank in days and generate traffic to your website, whereas at other times your content could have taken weeks, months or years to generate traffic. It’s a simple demand-supply gap. By using KGR, you are delivering content for which there is a high demand but low supply on the web.

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